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Deutsch DTM 2-way mating connector kit complete with wedges and gold plated solid terminals

NZ$13.65 *

Deutsch DTM connector workshop kit in a case

Price Was NZ$379.00
NZ$259.00 *

Deutsch DTM 3-Way Connector Kit

NZ$15.88 *

Deutsch DTM 4-Way Connector Kit

NZ$18.64 *

Deutsch DTM 6-Way Connector Kit

NZ$23.88 *

Deutsch DTM 8-Way Connector Kit

NZ$28.65 *

Deutsch DTM 12-Way Connector Kit

NZ$38.34 *

Gold plated pin terminal for Deutsch DTM receptacle

NZ$1.16 *

Solid formed gold plated sockets for Deutsch DTM plugs.

NZ$1.39 *
NZ$18.92 *
NZ$7.26 *
NZ$8.40 *
NZ$9.26 *
NZ$12.31 *
NZ$14.80 *
NZ$7.17 *
NZ$8.59 *
NZ$10.85 *
NZ$13.98 *
NZ$18.27 *
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