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Used with a number of Motec devices

RRP is NZ$31.50
NZ$31.50 *

AMP Superseal 1.0 34-way Connector with single keyway

RRP is NZ$39.00
NZ$39.00 *

For use with Motec M1 & Hundred series ECU, PDM15, PDM30 and E888

RRP is NZ$69.00
NZ$69.00 / Kit(s) *

For the following engine management systems:-

  • Autronic SMC
  • Motec M4
  • Motec M48
  • Motec M2R
  • Motec MLS


RRP is NZ$65.00
NZ$65.00 *

AMP 68-Way female Superseal 1.0 vonnector kit with terminals

RRP is NZ$74.00
NZ$74.00 *

Deutsch HDP20 Series 26-24-29 29-way mixed plug complete connector kit with pins and removal tools.

NZ$55.92 / set(s) *
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Deutsch HDP20 Series 24-24-29 29-way mixed bulkhead connector kit with pins and removal tools.

NZ$67.23 / set(s) *

AMP / Bosch 88-Way connector for the Life Racing F88 series

RRP is NZ$320.00
NZ$320.00 *

AMP Superseal 1.0 connector kit for use with Motec M150/142 ECU 'A' & 'B' Connectors

RRP is NZ$69.00
NZ$69.00 / Kit(s) *

AMP 34-Way Female Superseal 1.0 Connector Kit - Dual Keyway

RRP is NZ$34.50
NZ$34.50 *

Mating pair of Molex 18 way connectors that use the same pins & sockets as the Deutsch DT range.

RRP is NZ$88.24
NZ$88.24 *
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