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Direct injection, stand-alone or integrated paddle shift systems, drive-by-wire, intelligent power distribution, electronic fusing, and the high reliability wiring systems required for the most demanding competitions. Life Racing have extensive experience of knock-limited intake-restricted turbocharger control gained over years of support for works WRC and Le Mans, and have multiple class and series wins in conjunction with race engine development company AER.

Life Racing offers features that other manufacturers can only dream about including cruise control, dual drive by wire support, paddle shift control, integrated knock control, burst logging, logging rates up to 1000Hz, torque limiting, traction control and high speed ethernet communicaitons.

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Life Racing F88RL engine management system

RRP is NZ$2,040.00
NZ$2,040.00 *

Life Racing F88RLH engine management system with drive by wire, knock control and 16MB of burst logging

RRP is NZ$2,340.00
NZ$2,340.00 *

Life Racing F88RS6 engine management system with drive by wire, knock control and 32MB burst logging.

RRP is NZ$3,540.00
NZ$3,540.00 *

Life Racing F88GDI4 engine management system with drive by wire, knock control and 64MB logging.

RRP is NZ$4,390.00
NZ$4,390.00 *

Life Racing F88 engine management system with drive by wire, knock control, dual lambda and 128MB burst logging

RRP is NZ$4,890.00
NZ$4,890.00 *

The Life Racing F90RX is ideal for V10 and V12 applications which require full sequential injection and individual ignition.  Also suitable for complex modern V8 applications with dual drive by wire motors and quad variable camshafts.

RRP is NZ$9,190.00
NZ$9,190.00 *

Life Racing traction control opton for F88RLH, F88RS6, F88, F90RX, F88GDI4 engine management systems

RRP is NZ$500.00
NZ$500.00 *

Paddle shift control option for Life Racing F88RLH, F88RS6, F88, F88GDI4 and F90RX engine management systems

RRP is NZ$700.00
NZ$700.00 *

Life Racing PDUx2 power distribution unit

RRP is NZ$2,190.00
NZ$2,190.00 *
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