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Bosch 381cc/min Stubby Length Fuel Injector

from NZ$99.00 *

Bosch 440cc high resistance fuel injector - popular drop in upgrade for BA/BF Ford Falcons

NZ$89.00 *

Bosch 525cc/min 3/4 length fuel injector

NZ$99.00 *

Extremely short Siemens injector for use in cramped installations.  Ideal for Harley Davidsons.

Price Was NZ$129.00
NZ$99.00 *

Xspurt 640cc/min High Resistance 3/4 Length Fuel Injector

NZ$99.00 *

Siemens 60lb (668cc/min) fuel length injector with junior timer electrical connector

NZ$79.00 *

Bosch 720cc top feed fuel 3/4 length high resistance fuel injector with Nippon Denso electrical connector

from NZ$89.00 *

We have introduced these injectors for when 1000cc per minute is just too much.

NZ$109.00 *

Xspurt 730cc/min High Resistance Stubby Length Fuel Injector

NZ$99.00 *

Unmodified Bosch Injector with Long Pintle

NZ$109.00 *

Siemens 80lb high impedance fuel injector

NZ$99.00 *

Bosch 1000cc fuel injector with long pintle with EV1 / minitimer electrical connection

from NZ$95.00 *

Our most popular injector. Unbelievable control at idle - a 1000cc injector should not be this good down low.  Flow tested by Motorsport Electronics to be within 1%.

from NZ$119.00 *

Xspurt 1000cc stubby high resistance fuel injector

NZ$109.00 *

High flowing Xspurt 1170cc/min flow matched high resistance stubby fuel injector with connector and adapter cap

Price Was NZ$129.00
from NZ$109.00 *

Genuine Bosch unmodified 1550cc flow matched fuel injector

from NZ$199.00 *

The largest high resistance injectors we sell.  Please read the notes about installation before purchasing.

NZ$169.00 *

Siemens 220lb (2433cc) low resistance high flowing fuel injector suitable for use with all fuels including methanol and ethanol

NZ$410.00 *
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