Xspurt Fuel Injectors

Try them once and you will find it hard to use any other high flowing fuel injectors

Why You Will Love Them

These injectors are the latest in technology when it comes to performance fuel injectors. They start their life as a Bosch injector, we then perform some modifications and make adjustments to the flow rate and they emerge as Xspurt Injectors.

The real beauty of these injectors is that they have a very fine atomisation, especially at low revs. This means that even with 1000cc and 2000cc injectors you will get an idle that is pretty much the same as the factory set up. If you are a tuner, you will get this very smooth and consistent idle very easily and it will save you a lot of time trying to find the balance between idle and top end.

Some more reasons why they stand out as the best injectors on the market today:

  • You will get a smooth consistent idle very quickly with around 15:1 air/fuel ratio
  • Partial throttle tuning is also easy and smooth
  • Excellent control at low revs
  • No lean misfires
  • EXCELLENT atomisation – at low revs & the top end
  • Consistent flow rates with each set
  • High ohms means you won’t need a resistor box or inline resistor
  • They work very well at higher pressures, all the way up to 8 bar!

Troubles Tuning High Flow, Low Impedance Injectors

Have you ever tuned a car using bigger injectors (normally low impedance) and found that the car:

  • Is hard to start
  • Has a rough idle
  • Is rough at low throttle

Most of these problems will be because of lean misfire at idle and low revs due to:

  • Bigger fuel injectors have traditional had atomisation
  • Inconsistency in fuel levels between cylinders and
  • Increase injector ‘dead times’ due to low resistance injectors needing an injector driver to run them

Sizes and Fitments

They come in 7 different flow rates:

  • 525cc
  • 725cc
  • 730cc
  • 900cc
  • 1000cc
  • 1170cc
  • 2200cc

We have adaptors for them to fit pretty much all top feed applications. We will supply an alloy CNC extensions where needed to ensure the injector is the correct length. We can also supply the electrical connector to ensure they fit your wiring harness.

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Our most popular injector. Unbelievable control at idle - a 1000cc injector should not be this good down low.  Flow tested by Motorsport Electronics to be within 1%.

RRP is NZ$119.00
from NZ$119.00 *

Bosch 525cc/min 3/4 length fuel injector

RRP is NZ$99.00
from NZ$99.00 *

Xspurt 640cc/min High Resistance 3/4 Length Fuel Injector

RRP is NZ$99.00
from NZ$99.00 *

We have introduced these injectors for when 1000cc per minute is just too much.

RRP is NZ$109.00
from NZ$109.00 *

High flowing Xspurt 1170cc/min flow matched high resistance stubby fuel injector with connector and adapter cap

RRP is NZ$109.00
from NZ$109.00 *

Xspurt 730cc/min High Resistance Stubby Length Fuel Injector

RRP is NZ$99.00
from NZ$99.00 *

The largest high resistance injectors we sell.  Please read the notes about installation before purchasing.

RRP is NZ$169.00
NZ$169.00 *

Xspurt 1000cc stubby high resistance fuel injector

RRP is NZ$109.00
from NZ$109.00 *
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