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High powered IGN1A inductive coil with built-in ignitor

RRP is NZ$99.00
NZ$99.00 *

OEM Coil from a number of Toyota vehicles

RRP is NZ$99.00
NZ$99.00 *

Nissan R35 GT-R ignition coil by Hitatchi

RRP is NZ$129.00
NZ$129.00 *

CDI Coil - Mercury

RRP is NZ$145.70
NZ$145.70 *

Genuine Bosch VAG coil on plug ignition coil with built in ignitor

RRP is NZ$79.00
NZ$79.00 *
Cover for two Mercury CDI coils
RRP is NZ$48.78
NZ$48.78 *
Cover for 3 x Mercury CDI coils
RRP is NZ$41.62
NZ$41.62 *
Prices EXCLUDE GST and freight