January 2021


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Boot for Battery Cable up to 25mm² - Black

Ideal for use on live posts and studs

NZ$8.00 *

Bosch 68mm Drive by Wire Throttle Body

Genuine Bosch 68mm diameter drive by wire throttle body

NZ$295.00 *

Bosch 74mm Drive by Wire Throttle Body

Genuine Bosch 74mm diameter drive by wire throttle body

NZ$249.00 *

Bosch Accelerator Pedal Module

Genuine Bosch accelerator pedal module

NZ$159.00 *

Life Racing F88

Life Racing F88 engine management system with drive by wire, knock control, dual lambda and 128MB burst logging

NZ$4,890.00 *

Gearbox Shift Actuator

Pneumatic gear shift actuator with integrated valves

NZ$1,839.22 *

MoTeC M130 with GP Lite License

MoTeC M130 engine management system with GP Lite Package

NZ$2,042.44 *

Bosch Ignition Coil - VAG with Built in Ignitor

Genuine Bosch VAG coil on plug ignition coil with built in ignitor

NZ$79.00 *

4-Way Connector Kit for VAG Ignition Coils

4-Way female connector kit for VAG ignition coils - black

NZ$18.50 *

Rubber Boot for 4-Way Junior Timer Connector

Rubber boot for 4-way junior timer connector

NZ$9.00 *

Metripack 280 Female Terminal - 22 to 20 AWG

Metripack 280 Female Terminal - 22 to 20 AWG

NZ$10.00 / pack(s) *
1 piece(s) = NZ$1.00

TI Automotive Fuel Pump Fitting Kit for 02-07 WRX / STI

TI Automotive / Walbro GSS342 or GSS352 fuel pump fitting kit for 02-07 Subaru WRX or STI

NZ$45.00 *

EVO 4-9 Fitting Kit For Walbro GSS342 and GSS352 Fuel Pumps

Mitsubishi EVO 4 through 9 intank fuel pump fitting kit for GSS342 and GSS352 pumps

NZ$45.00 *

Bosch 82mm Drive by Wire Throttle Body

Genuine Bosch 82mm diameter drive by wire throttle body

NZ$229.00 *

Bosch Kompakt 6-Way Female Connector Kit with Terminals and Seals

Bosch Kompakt 6-Way connector kit complete with seals and gold plated terminals

NZ$22.50 *

Bosch 720cc 3/4 Length Top Feed Fuel Injector

Bosch 720cc top feed fuel 3/4 length high resistance fuel injector with Nippon Denso electrical connector

from NZ$89.00 *
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