Sensors used to measure the pressure of fluids and gases.

Common measurements in a race car include:-

  • oil and fuel pressure
  • clutch and brake pressure
  • radiator water pressure
  • manifold pressure
  • atmospheric pressure
  • tyre pressure

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0 to 50psi absolute (-15 to 35psi gauge) pressure sensor with 1/8" NPT male port and 3-way Packard electrical connector
NZ$129.00 *
NZ$109.00 *

Delco 1.05 Bar Manifold Pressure Sensor

NZ$169.00 *
NZ$170.00 *

Combination 1.15bar pressure and 130°C temperature sensor for air

NZ$99.00 *

150psi pressure sensor with 1/8"NPT port

Price Was NZ$149.00
NZ$110.00 *

Combination 3.0bar pressure and 130°C temperature sensor for air

NZ$99.00 *

Anodised aluminium mounting block for two 1/8" NPT pressure sensors including bleed nipples.

NZ$199.00 *
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