The MoTeC brand delivers more than just excellence in engineering and technology, it instills confidence in long term performance and customer service.

Race Proven Over 20 Years

From humble beginnings more than twenty years ago, MoTeC has evolved into an international force in aftermarket automotive electronics, attracting the support of many top teams in race and rally. Over those years MoTeC has built a reputation for outstanding reliability, advanced technology and high performance products that exceed expectations. Such growth has brought with it a diverse range of customers and a wide array of vehicles, encouraging the constant expansion of MoTeC product capabilities and support expertise.


Comprehensive technical assistance is a vital component of your electronics investment. Every installation is unique, and MoTeC systems are sophisticated, so from time to time customers are likely to need expert advice to achieve their goals. MoTeC prides itself on providing excellent support, either in person, over the phone or by email, to get you back on track fast.


The benefits of product training cannot be overstated. Learning first hand from MoTeC personnel is the ideal way to really get to know your system and to understand how to make the most of it. Structured teaching reduces the time and cost of trial and error learning and may uncover some useful features you weren’t aware of before.

Dedicated R&D Facility

MoTeC’s Research Centre, located in Melbourne, Australia, is devoted to the continual development of new technologies and the ongoing refinement of existing systems. With specialist staff and valued input from professional race teams worldwide, this purpose built centre is equipped to develop new generations of electronic solutions well into the future.

Testing and Manufacturing Standards

MoTeC products are designed and manufactured to internationally recognised standards of quality and reliability. All our products are compliant with relevant electromagnetic compatibility standards—EMC—as required in various countries around the world.

2 Year Warranty

MoTeC prides itself on quality manufacturing and high reliability, and every effort is taken to ensure each product leaving the company meets the highest standards. To support this commitment, MoTeC provides a two year warranty on all MoTeC manufactured items.

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Gear, Steering Sensor (Large)
NZ$449.10 *
MLS Adv Functions + Logging
NZ$522.96 *
Gear, Steering Sensor (Small)
NZ$129.49 *
MLS Logging 512Kb
NZ$335.22 *
MLS Wideband Lambda
NZ$394.38 *
M2R Adv Functions + Logging
NZ$522.96 *

Motec Lambda To CAN (LTC)

Price Was NZ$853.33
NZ$577.14 *
M2R Logging 512Kb
NZ$335.22 *
M800 Plug-In ECU For WRX/Sti V5/6
NZ$2,545.95 *
M800 Plug-In ECU For Evo 4 - 8
NZ$2,545.95 *

Motec dual channel Lambda to CAN adapter

Price Was NZ$1,280.00
NZ$835.86 *
M2R Wideband Lambda
NZ$394.38 *
M800 Plug-In ECU For WRX/Sti V78
NZ$2,545.95 *
M800 Plug-In ECU For Evo 9
NZ$2,484.60 *
Knock Sensor Tuning Loom
NZ$381.23 *
Flange Mounted Hall Sensor Ip67
NZ$64.42 *

M800 Plug-In ECU For Evo X GSR

NZ$2,602.39 *

M800 Plug-In ECU For WRX9/10

NZ$2,423.25 *

1.5m bulkhead cable for MoTeC loggers with USB logging

NZ$69.02 *
Loom, ADL Basic With Can
NZ$635.59 *
Inverter Kit - ADL Backlit
NZ$295.27 *
Loom, Evo 10 Knock Loom
NZ$60.58 *
M800, Yamaha Jetski FX/FZR/FZS Kit (DBW Included)
NZ$4,945.89 *
M800 Plug-In Lambda Loom
NZ$54.30 *
Loom - BR2 5 Pin Mil - 4M
NZ$181.96 *
M400, Yamaha Jetski FX/FZR/FZS Kit (DBW Included)
NZ$4,165.43 *

Motec Lambda To CAN NTK (LTC NTK)

Price Was NZ$853.33
NZ$577.14 *
M400, Kawasaki PWC JT1500F(Ultra250X)Kit
NZ$4,276.55 *

Motec dual channel Lambda to CAN NTK adapter

Price Was NZ$1,280.00
NZ$835.86 *
M400 Seadoo PWC RXP/T/X Kit
NZ$4,197.34 *
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121 - 150 of 261 results